Build the focused foundation for the
future variables.

Faith Works • Brand Strategy

Stop. Collaborate. Listen.

Don't design if clarity is missing.

Has your team ever spent days, weeks, months- designing complex solutions that revolved around unclear directions, decisions, or things that didn’t really matter in the end? Perhaps creating bandaids around unresolved underlying problems?

It is too easy to waste time and money designing distractions that derail your business from its fullest potential. No matter what designs you need today, tomorrow, or two years from now- we need a focused foundation to handle all those future variables that complicate the design process.

Before We Design.

Effective design starts by establishing a crystal clear vision. Unlike designs that will evolve over time, the clear vision is more concrete, a gut check of discernment. Think of it as a shared understanding to navigate all the future decisions of your design needs. Our products and a process are dedicated to helping you first establish a focused foundation.They start by asking simple questions of clarity, simplicity, and efficiency.

Strategy Step #1. Get a clear vision, be clever, keep it consistent.

Clarity, do you have it?

Do you have a clear vision that is clever and consistent? Is it felt in your products and demonstrated in your process? Are you making constant progress toward your grand vision? Clarity affords focus, and that's our foundation for the future steps. Let's get started!

Goal: Understand your desired future state and identify distractions or derailments.

Check-in (15min)

Let's frame your challenges into an opportunity.

Check-in (15min)
Timeline: 15 minutes

Clarity Call

Surface the unknown(s) and uncover your brand's real needs.

Clarity Call
Timeline: 1 Hour

Strategy Step #2. Disciplines and priorities to keep you focused.

Can you simplify?

Do you have disciplines and principles in place that keep you and your team focused? Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Endless tools, information, and influencers are a recipe to overwhelm decision-makers. When things are too complex, it's easy to overlook the root of underlying problems.

Goal: Refine your resources and flows to find your secret weapon.

The Content Audit

Are redundancies and inconsistencies costing your company?

The Content Audit
Timeline: 1-5 Days
$1,000 - $5,000

Typeform Flows

Are you happy with the quality of your feedback & form flow?

Typeform Flows
Timeline: 2-5 Days
$1,500 - $2,500

Strategy Step #3. Scale your systems for the future.

Can it scale?

Are your systems set to scale to the future? Are your products, content, and resources set up for maximum efficiency? With a clear vision and simplified focus, it's time to tune your business operations to their fullest potential.

Goal: Streamline your products and process so you can focus on your future prospects.

Content Optimization

Is your content working for you? Or are you working for it?

Content Optimization
Timeline: 1 Month+
$2,500 - $7,500

Brand OS

Is your business's brand set to scale at full potential?

Brand OS
Timeline: 3 Month+
$2,500 - $7,500