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Faith Works • Nathan Dickison
Nathan Dickison

A Disciplined State of Wild.

Howdy, you can call me Nate. I'm a follower of Christ, a husband, and a father. Useful and curious; equal part thinker as I am a maker. By EOS terms, part Visionary, part Integrator. Without systems and schedules, I get distracted and am prone to take on too much. A teacher by nature with an E7s personality type.

A Bit of a Misfit.

Be humble. Be ambitious. Trust in Jesus. I don't always demonstrate it well, but deep down, I'm filled with joy knowing that I'm saved by The Savior, not a slave to a system that can't save me. I don't know how else I would be able to find peace, purpose, and rest. I'm genuinely thankful for that. And, I'm beyond blessed that I get to design for a living, a true display of God's grace, having nearly died on several occasions. I'm proud to live in the United States of America with the luxury of freedom that comes at great cost.

The most rewarding opportunities to me are those that require my head, heart, and hands. My desire and appreciation for design transcends into music and food. I listen to wild spectrum of music, much of the day. I enjoy cooking (and eating) all sorts of food, especially when it's tied to a cultural experience. Here are some questions that I've answered:

What is something that people might not know about you?
I have 9 fingers. An airborne car accident in high school, one of many life threatening events in my life.

What are a few of your favorite things (brands, songs, books, shows, etc) ?
The Bible. The Chosen. The Office. The ATG Program. Milwaukee Tools. And according to Spotify, crazy music.

What is something that you find super useful?
The toilet.

What do you say about this man named Jesus? 
He is who he says he is. My sovereign Savior.

What does success look like?
Having the ability to change people's lives and create opportunities for others to grow to their fullest potential through an unforgettable experience.

What would you have for your last meal?
A healthy portion of stupid hot wings (MVPs), raw oysters, and ice cold Busch Latte.

Wake up, Neo.

(You're living in the mundane). I just can't explain it- Something happened in my life that changed the things that I wanted. (Well, I can explain, but that will be later). After navigating all the different positions and career opportunities, I just couldn't find an authentic company focused on building true value and impact, while creating meaningful opportunity for creators like me.

I kept asking myself, "If I'm a believer and I'm not working out my faith in the workplace, what am I doing?"

Where could I go to push creative limits and be inspired by the original Creator? I had this void for meaningful progress in design work according to my unclear calling. As creators, shouldn't we be designing great purpose with passion and precision? I think we can do that through our work by walking out faith in the workplace. Spoiler alert- this wasn't what the corporate world wanted to hear.

You're Doing it, Peter.

So, I decided to start Faith Works Solutions, Inc. (DBA "Faith Works") in 2016, in Jacksonville, FL. I struggled to think of a name, all I knew was what it would require a lot faith, and hard work. Rooted in the verse James 2:22.

In the last decade, I've dedicated much of that time (and nearly $100,000 in design resources) to push the limits of the creative design process. I've learned a lot, but the biggest discovery for me is something I had already known instinctively-I feel closest to God in my creative design process. Faith Works is a place to nourish that.

Business in the Front. Party in the Back.

Like a mullet, my style is a disciplined state of wild, always seeking a marriage in form and function. Why not grow a company in similar fashion? 

I hope to build a place of culture amongst the chaos. A sense of belonging no matter the circumstances; something set apart, something worth fighting for. Where together we work the problem. And together, we celebrate. Win, lose, or draw.

I just love that Jesus's first public miracle was during a party, turning water into wine at a wedding while the workers found themselves in a career-ending situation. I believe this first miracle should call business owners into action, asking us to stay in a position for God to move. As Billy Graham said, "The next great move of God is going to be through the believers in the workplace." I hope he's right. Faith Works will gladly afford that opportunity for the willing.

Have you answered your call?
Are you seeking meaningful progress in your work?
Come innovate the future of digital business design.