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Turn design to done with clarity, simplicity and efficiency.

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Turning design to done.

We have learned the hard way- how not to do projects. Limiting the variables, decisions, and distractions allows us to increase productivity and engagement. This matters more than ever for digital businesses. With endless information, platforms, and ways to get things done, you'll quickly understand the value of a focused process.

Remember, the most costly part of design is the decision making process.

Discover. Develop. Deliver. (Repeat)

This results-driven approach is actually quite simple. It allows us to create more often, capture more feedback, and reiterate with the fuel needed for our future decisions. A simultaneous harmony begins between you and that thing you need designed! While not one project is precisely the same, establishing a focus helps us both address the future variables.

Focus on clarity, simplicity, and efficiency.
Not a proprietary blend of magic.

Our Packaged Products

Our services are packaged into attractive streamlined products with value based pricing and pre-defined process. Say goodbye to all those questions, decisions, and distractions!

  1. Introductory - a strategic starting point for other products.
  2. Starter - an entry-level product or prerequisite for a core product.
  3. Core - a progression product with prerequisites, requiring a larger budget, project scopes, and deliverables.
  4. Custom - a full-service product with a tailored selection of products and resources.
  5. Express - a packaged mini-version of a core product.
  6. Recurring (Starter)- a dedicated monthly service for a starter product.
  7. Recurring (Core) - a dedicated monthly service for a core product.
  8. Training - an exclusive ongoing engagement or single session with your team.

Our 7-Step Process

Below are the typical steps that we follow across our product solutions. Note, smaller products might focus on a couple of these steps, while full service products could cover all these steps.

For example, steps 1-2 are typically Discover Steps that are taken in our Brand Strategy products. Here is where we focus on getting complete clarity on what really needs to be done (measurables) and why (priorities).

Steps 3-5 are Development Steps that happen in Brand Development products but can also happen in Brand Strategy products. Step 4 is essentially a scaffolding step where we try to leverage anything modular or reusable versus starting from scratch. The word Iterate is important to point out here, as we intend to capture feedback as much as needed.

Steps 6-7 are Deliver Steps that happen for all products. No matter the product, our end goal is to make a seamless handoff where you feel excited and empowered to takeover. Depending on the product and your team dynamic, we will prepare and configure the resources required to equip your team for success.

  1. Discover or define the problem
  2. Clarify the measurables and priorities
  3. Align the most efficient process and platform
  4. Iterate with pre-builts and enhance with plug-ins
  5. Refine with principles and disciplines
  6. Polish with personality
  7. Prepare for handoff

A Focused Foundation for the Future

We understand that not one project is the same, yet there are many parallels across most projects. To increase our efficiency we maintain a foundation of resources that we stick with. Adoption of these resources is key for mutual success together. Go ahead and check them out if you haven't used them already.

Team Tools

We believe the design process should be the most exciting part of your mission. You shouldn’t be left feeling a lack of value, exhausted, or confused. Defining bullet-proof process is where we can bring a difference, of great value! At the end of your project you should feel excited, educated, and empowered! That's our purpose for streamlining process.

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